Been a long time…

(c) Wycombe Museum; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

Painting by E.A.T Bellworthy


I know.

You don’t have to tell me been neglecting this blog.

It’s not that I haven’t been writing but that just that life has taken over and needed to deal with some serious business one time. New job and new challenges everywhere and had to get my head down. Anyhows the opus is coming along and just redrafting at the mo and refining the characters and juggling those timelines. Lily’s Walk is set in 2010 in High Wycombe a few years after the events that I write about in West Richardson Street and in tandem with this I’ve been working on the third and final book in this trilogy. World’s End (named after a pub in the slum area of the town) will see the similar balance of history and current happenings blended together leading to a crazy climax. Will be posting updates and interesting statuses on my Facebook page so this will be the best way to keep up to date with my literary happenings.

Looking forward to getting the trilogy out as I leave the town to settle back in London. This year will be twenty years that I’ve lived in High Wycombe. So much has happened both personally and politically during this time but this place has been a constant for me. Will be writing a book about the Justice4Paps campaign as my next big project and still got the play Rukhsati which is in the developmental stage. Decided to take up some time out to do some travelling and dedicate more time to writing. In these ever changing times have to continue to bear witness in these merciless times.

Be good

Saq, January 2017





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