Season’s Greetings and some reflections

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It’s been a mad year for me as a writer and relieved and glad that I managed to get ‘WEST RICHARDSON STREET’ out. Thanks to all for the support and encouragement. A special thank you to Cafe Amalfi, Wycombe Sound, Central Furniture Aid, Arts4Every1 (did a short reading from my novel at their Open Mic last month) and even the High Wycombe Society folk for their interesting review!


I’ve had so much interest from local people in the town and a few disagreements (which I’m working through with folk) All good though and it’s nothing like a bit of controversy to drive interest and sales. The novel facebook page has had thousands of people looking at the statuses and seeing the pics. It’s been an interesting way to market the book which I would recommend to others.

Speaking of which I’ve sold a good 400-500 books so far which is more than I expected. The paperback edition has done better than the Kindle version so I’m doing a special offer right now to download for the next 48hrs for 99p/$1.56. As I had to   strip down this version for e-publishing I am sending a free copy of the PDF with all the timelines, family trees and glossary for all those that request it. As promised before I will write up something about my experience of doing this and pass on any tips.

SophieLens_2014_11_08_22_06  Attic

Looking ahead to 2015 I’m hoping to do a London book launch with those good folk at the Islamic Human Rights Commission, and a book signing at the local Waterstones in High Wycombe. I’ve started working on the second book ‘LILY’S WALK’ and I promise you will love the material that I’m putting together for that. Writing novels about place and time seem to be something that attracts me and it’s been a fascinating doing the research and chatting to folk in the town.

Anyhow have a good festive season and Happy New Year to you. Let’s see what 2015 brings us all.

Nuff love

Dec 2014


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