Lily’s Walk and other stories…

highwycombe_gate  World'e End

There are a number of loose ends in the book and in the editing process I cut out a lot so I’ve started writing a sequel and a further one to form a trilogy of books about the town. The other two books even have working titles. I wanted to extend the theme of roads and place names in High Wycombe so the second book is going to be called ‘LILY’S WALK’ and the second ‘WORLD’S END’. They will pick up from where ‘WEST RICHARDSON STREET’ ended.

Not going to give too much away but rest assured these books will be out in the next year or so as I’ve got so much to say. The action will take place immediately after the first book and a few years later (2010-2011) as well as looking at other relevant periods of the town’s history and then with the final book everything will be brought up to date. Unless you are living on another planet you will know that High Wycombe has been the news again due to more terror raids and young men going to Syria. I’m going to be exploring some of these issues and the dynamic that exist with some of the new characters .

I have to deal with a great deal through my day job and the campaigning that I’m involved with. Writing keeps me sane but crucially gives me a creative outlet to explore what I see in front of me and to try and make sense of it.

Khyaal Rukna/Be safe



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