Mad rhymes for mad times

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‘A little insight into the going on in a town which is both beautiful and tragic, where the rich and privileged live pretty much side by side with the homeless, drug addicts, poor, vulnerable and the disenfranchised, but yet they all live in a world of their own. With their own rules, regulations, expectations, hopes, fears and of course face saving tactics. A must read, I look forward to more from this author.’

‘A great read if you are from High Wycombe and like me remember the 1970s and 80s in the town. Well researched and well written.’

‘A funny amazing story, with good characters and plot, an awesome must read.’

Mad month with the novel finally coming out. Had some good feedback and sales – seem to be selling a copy a day through orders and direct to folk. The novel facebook page has created a nice buzz and I’m getting hundreds of views every week. Did a short interview with the local paper and starting to do some readings. I did one at Arts4Every1 on the 7th of November as a part of an open mic session and got a great response. Got a slideshow with some music from my bro Jaydev Mistry that I’ve also done that I’ll be using soon. Looking to do a booking signing at my local Waterstones bookshop and perhaps maybe a little book launch. Thanks for all the support and encouragement from peeps it makes it all worthwhile.

Have now finally finished doing Kindle version for all you geeks and those who love reading books on a screen! Note to self for the future and all those thinking of publishing to this or any ebook types remember its all about FORMAT! Write it to this medium first folks then format it for conventional publishing purposes. Will post some useful links/videos soon.

Got some further news that I will share soon (real soon)

Stay wise



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