Some Retrospection

Going through all photos and flyers from previous times. Loads of anniversaries coming up. This year it is 30 years since as a school kid I set up AIR theatre a multi-racial youth theatre company in London funded by the GLC so looking to have a reunion and put a website together. It’s also 25 years since a group of set up Aakjal theatre in Manchester which had a South Asian focus so will be looking to do the same. So as part of this I’m going be putting together one or two anthologies of the plays that I have written – some of them with these companies and the newer stuff in the last decade or so:

Rewind poster  Image (22) Dostoh posterBlack & Blue posterAajkal6Antigone flyer

List of plays under consideration:

  1.  Antigone – Highfields Centre 2009
  2.  Top set in PE – Highcrest school 2005
  3.  Rewind – Wycombe Youth Action  2004
  4.  The Boy who never died – Green St Young Leaders 2003
  5.  Dostoh – Aik Saath Project 1999
  6.  This TV does not speak Punjabi – Aajkal Theatre 1992
  7.  Brothers – Aajkal Theatre 1991
  8.  Black and Blue – AIR Theatre 1988

Important to get my stuff out – been sitting on it for too long and I think peeps will be interested. Plays were written at different stages of my life in different locations – London, Manchester, High Wycombe and Leicester and capture those times.

Stay wise

Saqib D, March 2014


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