First Draft

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So I dun it…

After six years and 4 months I’ve finished the first draft of West Richardson Street!

It’s gone out to a few select people to read and I’ve worked up a further draft based on initial feedback. I want to thank all the people who’ve believed in me and kept the faith. A section from the synopsis:

West Richardson Street is about the past and the present histories of High Wycombe.  About lives lost over pieces of dirt and how particular roads and areas of the town resonate with dark and unspoken tales. It’s about placing the arrival of Asian and African Caribbean people to Buckinghamshire in a historical context and making them part of this history rather than existing outside of it. West Richardson Street looks at the town throughout the ages but in particular before the war where the furniture industry in High Wycombe was at its height, the early eighties where there were riots and finally 2007 and the paranoid times after the 2006 terror raids.

I’ve developed a full synopsis which I’ll put up shortly

So what happens next?

I will be sending the novel to some publishers and looking at a few self publishing options which will mean getting it out as a paperback and an e-book for Kindle etc. Will be a launch of some kind and hoping to hook up with Arts4Everyone venue in HW. I’m hoping my bro Jaydev Mistry the acclaimed Manchester based musician will be putting a soundtrack together for it

Not sure how peeps will respond – looking for a wide audience but also smash some perceptions about what Asian writers should be writing about. I think the book is perceptive and captures the times that we are in by looking back deep into history. Finishing it has been vital to me as it means I can start to focus on other writing projects and get that shit out too. Too much going on and too much to document to rest on my laurels.

Thanks for being there


November 2013


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