We have no orders to save you…


New Job and moved in with my Pops in London so behind on deadlines for the novel but working hard to get into some kind of shape. It exists now physically as a bound document that travels with me everywhere.  Tried some workshop ideas at an arts event in Wycombe recently that didn’t work out but feel I’m getting closer than ever to finishing this off.

On a crazy whim decided to enter a Short Story Slam at a local arts festival (see above) and was joint winner which was a big surprise. I read an extract from a story called ‘We have no orders to save you’ which seemed to have some impact on the audience. I had a few people ask me for the full story through FB so here you go – don’t complain I don’t give you nuthin!

We have no orders to save you

I wrote this a few years and it’s about communal violence in India in 1993. The title is also the name of an infamous photo blog that I used to have when camera phones first started coming out. For those who would like some background there is some here:


West Richardson Street is taking up a lot of my creative energy right now but there is so much other shit I need to get out. Got a collection of short stories under the heading ‘Incoming calls only’ that I want to put out and these are the stories:

  1. Death by Bhangra
  2. Rukhsati
  3. Khushee Number 2
  4. Ill communication
  5. Cost of Loving
  6. The Kutha & the Mosque Committee
  7. We have no orders to save you

Also got a collection of plays that I will chat about next time

My bed is calling me so be safe and hold it down

Saq, May 2013


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