What do the streets reveal?

I know you don’t need to tell me. I’ve been neglecting this opus. Well not entirely I did drag out a manuscript the other day. Time is short peeps right now so really have to make some time to make this happen.

Some promises to you/moi

• That I will post more on this ting. Discovered an app that will enable my thoughts to be put up here. Always.
• That I will make time to write the novel on my phone, laptop, tablet (which is broke) even on a freaking bus ticket (as my daughter would say). I owe it to myself and to the public to get this out – even it kills me.

Story has to come out & I need to translate this so called talent I have into something that will be meaningful and give me the final destination that I crave.

The picture?

I was walking down Mere Road in Leicester (an amazing road – as a foot soldier I got an obsession with these). I look down and see a bust up jewellery box on the side of the kerb. Not sure what happened here but it’s shit like that gets my creative juices flowing. I mean it could be that there was a robbery if some kind or some kind of domestic situation. What did do is remind me of High Wycombe & lads robbing their own Mums & Aunties gold to sell for crack. There was a sadness when I looked at that box that is about the crap that we go through in this country and what some of our yout are engaged in.

I have to get West Richardson Street out.

May 2011
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