Soundtrack to West Richardson Street

10966839_155_155      night-song    

B0000087IU_01_MZZZZZZZ     Studio One - Rockers     

bnb017     freur4   

arton1034    Blue-Nile-Headlights-On-The-81988-991

Freur ‘Riders in the night’

Blue Nile ‘Headlights on the Parade’

Klashnekoff  ‘It’s Murda’

Opposition ‘Sand and Glue’

Ghost feat Verb T ‘Exactly’

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan ‘My Heart My Life’

Johhny Osbourne ‘Truth & Rights’

Eyeless in Gaza ‘Lie Still Sleep Long’

Niraj Chag ‘Khwaab’

Fierce ‘Dayz like that’ (Full Crew remix)

Mark B & Blade ‘The Unknown’ (Azad mix)

Zion I ‘One Chance’

Shara Nelson ‘Down that Road’ (Underdog mix)

A boys gotta have some tunes while he’s working… Some are these are standard trax from my collection of several thousand records, cd’s & cassettes (remember them?) whilst others are just plain off the beaten track. Still researching and digging away – working on character development and the various stories are always alive in my head as I weave plots and people together. One way or another its got to come out as its’ been gestating for so long.

Stay wise

Saqib Dec 07


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