Some time off…

70327-150603a.jpg  hws20806.jpg  hws13136.jpg 

Way I figure you have to make time to write. Dedicated time. So been spending time in my local library and evenings in front of the PC. Stuff is coming together and may be brave enough soon to put some stuff up to this blog.

Been working on the following:

  1. Backstory – West Richardson Street (WRS) is about local history in the Desborough Road area of High Wycombe
  2. Structure and plotting – got all these threads that need to come together but trying not to work too linear-ally
  3. Character development and memories

Some details on the pics:

First pic is from Desborough ‘Castle’ otherwise known as Roundabout Wood where there are remains of an iron-age fort.

Second pic is a sign above a house in Upper Green St.

Third pic is an amazing pic of the factory that used to be in front of Green St School (heard about this but never seen it).

Last two photos from Sharing Wycombe’s Old Photographs (SWOP) project @

Just some tantalising clues about what this piece of fiction is going to be about. Something deep from the Desborough darkness…

Stay tuned

One love



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