First Post


Yup I’m writing a novel ’bout High Wycombe. Set myself a target for the end of the year to get a rough draft in place so working on it every day doing research, writing notes and working on the characters and plot lines.

So why a novel?

I’ve written plays, sketches and poetry and even a screenplay over the years. Mainly in a community context and for commissions. Not made loads of cash or fame from it but that wasn’t my intention really. The medium of the novel just came together cos of the complexity of what I’m trying to get across. ‘West Richardson Street’ has a number of historical threads running through it and I really fancied getting into some heavy characterisation and sub plots.

Want to make some money from it ‘cos I know I have got some talent but never really pushed it till now. Watch this space though as I am looking to get it out in all kinds of ways – e books, blogs etc and not just traditional books.

Saqib Deshmukh, Writer, High Veecombe


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